Customer Support and FAQ's

Customer Support

We're on hand 9-5 Monday through Friday to assist with...

      • Size and fit advice
      • Detailed product information
      • Delivery questions
      • Exchange and return questions
      • Placing orders

Our return and exchange policy can be seen under Returns and Shipping. You can also make a return at


Call 1-914-341-1811

If you are having issues applying your gift card, please follow below: 

1. Please make sure your gift card resembles this card seen below. 

2. Next, only enter the first 12 digits. Omitting the last digit. Seen below. 

**If the last digit (seen above circled in red) is entered, the gift card will not be applied to the purchase. 


Designer Jewelry

Our jewelry comes from a variety of brands and many designer styles are hand-crafted using a variety of high quality materials, including semi-precious stone, glass, resin, 18K gold, sterling silver and brass. Exact materials associated with each style are listed on their product detail page.

Fashion Jewelry 

To fully enjoy your fashion jewelry purchase you must first realize that fashion jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime. We sell high quality and fun fashion jewelry at very reasonable prices. With proper care you will get the most out of your new jewelry.  

Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible:

a. Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals

b. Never wear jewelry in the pool or ocean

c. When not wearing, keep in a jewelry box or pouch


We here at Palmer & Purchase have changed the retail model by cutting out the traditional brand markup and placing orders directly with our factory partners. We are then able to sell you the finest cashmere sweaters and accessories for half the traditional retail price. Palmer & Purchase uses only the highest quality yarn in our sweaters and we promise you will not feel a softer sweater anywhere else.