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Intention Bracelet

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*Please note that natural stones may have unique textures, patterns and veining.

That's what makes them so UNIQUE!


  • The stone that helps people to maintain a stable and calm emotion. Also, it balances body's function and recover strength. It brings good luck to people.


  • The birthstone of February. It brings positive energy to people and gives people confidence and courage.

Clear Quartz

  • The best stone for meditation. It provides a clear mind and removes negativity when people are wearing them. It also increases concentration and focus; helps better memory recall.


  • Helps people to get rid of negative energies. It makes people to become determined and ambitious and strive for their goals.

Rose Quartz

  • Represents true love and best love.It helps people to improve relationship. It improves confidence and women's glamour.
Intention Bracelet
Intention Bracelet
Intention Bracelet